April 13, 2018

And as long as we’re talking about the intersection of poetry and film, we should mention Poetry-About-Movies: a celebration of Film Is Truth happening at Honey Moon in Bellingham on Tuesday, April 17, 2018. The evening will feature poetry about movies by Dee Dee Chapman, Rena Priest, Susan J. Erickson, and Jessica Lee.

Film is Truth 24 Times a Second is a beloved, locally owned and operated DVD, Blu-ray, and VHS rental store in Bellingham with a little bit of everything and a lot of foreign films, independent movies, arthouse films, and documentaries.


Film Is TruthFilm Is Truth is Bellingham, Washington’s premier film archive. With a collection of over 15,000 titles and almost 20 years of commitment to film preservation, FIT is now taking submissions for the launch of the official FIT blog with an emphasis on the scholarly and engaging.

Submissions are open: non-fiction/fiction essays, prose, poetry, art, videos and scholarly essays about film. This call is open to current undergrad, post-grad English and film students as well as the general public. Film is Truth will also accept previously published material (with appropriate permissions/credits).

Contributors will gain exposure for their work and a chance to be published in an exciting new medium while supporting the independent arts community in Bellingham. Email your submissions to filmistruthblog AT gmail.com.

Poetry 24 times a second

March 14, 2016

Every Frame Tells a Story

In these posts, we occasionally mention films about poets or poetry. Here’s one on poetry about film.

If you live anywhere near Bellingham, Washington, and you love movies, you probably know that Film Is Truth is a locally owned and operated DVD, Blu-ray, and VHS rental store (15,000+ titles) that is also a nonprofit corporation.

On Friday, April 8, 2016, in celebration of movies, poetry and National Poetry Month, Film Is Truth will hold its second annual Every Frame Tells a Story: a poetry-about-movies fundraiser! This all-ages, free event will feature performances by poets Mighty Mike McGee, Elizabeth Vignali, Bruce Beasley, Troy Osaki and Dee Dee Chapman. The action starts at 8:30pm at Honey Moon Mead & Cider.

You can seem more Film Is Truth on Facebook.

poets love film

April 4, 2015

Every Frame Tells a Story

If you love movies and you live anywhere near Bellingham, there’s a good chance you also love Film is Truth 24 Times a Second, a locally owned and operated film rental store that is also a non-profit corporation.

Today, Saturday, April 4, 2015, at 8:30pm, Film is Truth will hold its first fundraising event, “Every Frame Tells a Story.” Celebrate the organization whose mission is to keep film history at your fingertips. Through poetry and music, pay tribute to the magic that movies bring to our lives. This is a free event hosted by (and at) Honey Moon, with donations to Film is Truth greatly appreciated. Featured performers include: Scot Casey, Dee Dee Chapman, Jessica Lohafer, Carol Guess and Falling Up Stairs.

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