on poetry

January 21, 2023

“Don’t you think details help you focus? Sometimes it’s only by listening in the falling darkness for the chittering of small invisible sparrows that you’re able to locate the Great Horned Owl.”
Forrest Gander
(b. January 21, 1956)

. . . . .
photo by Ashwini Bhat

today, from Hedgebrook

June 5, 2020

Many times a day, impassioned emails ping into the mailbox expressing concern, need, outrage, and solidarity. Nearly every one offers physical, emotional, and literary resources.

In today’s email is this post from Hedgebrook, a nonprofit literary arts organization and home for creativity on Whidbey Island.

Thanks to Hedgebrook, to you, and to all the individuals, organizations, and publications whose voices make up the growing chorus.

. . . . .
FOCUS 2017 by Courtney Martin and Wendy MacNaughton

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