March 20, 2021


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June 8, 2020

In case you haven’t finished reading the Sunday New York Times, we’re happy to report that found poetry has found its way to Section D, Page 9 of the New York edition with the headline: “Find Poetry In These Pages.” Easy-to-follow instructions, plus the author’s assurance that “Poetry isn’t scary.”

Happily, you can also find Leah Umansky’s article online and learn more about the poet on her website.

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image: Poem by Leah Umansky

Earth Day

April 22, 2020

found poem © j.i. kleinberg
Happy Earth Day!

February 14

February 14, 2020

found poem © j.i. kleinberg

Read some love poems.
Happy Valentine’s Day.


December 12, 2019

For the season, the holidays, the year ahead, more light.
J.I. Kleinberg

where you find it

December 10, 2019

Rich Maschner, a fellow participant in the August Poetry Postcard Fest, posted this wonderful found-cork poem on Facebook, reminding us that it has been a while since we posted about found poetry.

Much missed since it ceased publication in 2016, The Found Poetry Review is still available online. If you’re new to found poetry or looking for ways to spark your next project, have a look at the Resources pages.

UNLOST is a journal of found poetry and art.

Air Salt: A Trauma Mémoire as a Result of the Fall (University of Calgary Press) is a new book by Ian Kinney that uses a variety of found materials to comprehend and recover from a seven-story fall.

See Double Press has published a number of exquisite books of erasure poetry by Mary Ruefle, Lia Purpura, and Lawrence Sutin.

digital found poem is a “random poetic text generator.”


(And by the way, it may only be December, but signups are open for the 2020 August Poetry Postcard Fest.)

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photo used with permission


November 28, 2019

finding poetry

June 28, 2019

The New York Times

In case you missed the announcement a couple of weeks ago, The New York Times posted the winners of its annual student poetry contest. This year, the Times challenged students to create blackout poems from pages of the paper’s print edition. They chose 25 winners (from more than 2500 submissions). The poems are creative, beautiful, and poetic. Have a look. And if you think it’s easy, do as the article suggests and try it yourself!

on poetry

May 24, 2019

“It is a poem. It is a poem. That’s what it is. My poem. It’s as near as I get.”
Tom Phillips
(b. May 24, 1937)

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found Valentine

February 14, 2019

found Valentine © j.i. kleinberg

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