tonight at Greene’s Corner

November 28, 2018

Listen in as the every-Wednesday poetry series at Greene’s Corner in Bellingham features the hard-working, bountifully-creative Anita K. Boyle.

Proprietor of Egress Studio Press, Anita is an accomplished poet and artist who creates handmade books, collage, paintings, prints, and fine works in many other media. Currently, her artwork is on view at Fourth Corner Frames as part of “Rising,” a group exhibit of work by 13 women who have been meeting and supporting each other’s creativity for many years.

She has three books of poetry, including Bamboo Equals Loon, The Drenched, and What the Alder Told Me. Another book is forthcoming from MoonPath Press in 2019.

Music begins at 7:00pm, with several sets of poetry to follow. JP Falcon Grady will emcee.

Artpocalypse poster

Artpocalypse, an exhibition of artworks by Trish Harding, Vikki Jackson, Laurie Potter, Amy Armitage, John McCulloch, Mary Jo Maute, George Jartos and Anita K. Boyle, will culminate this evening, Saturday, October 26, 2013, with a poetry reading by James Bertolino and Anita K. Boyle (the same). This is a great time (and possibly the last) to see the show, plus hear some swell poems and hang out with cool people. It’s all free, 6:00-8:00pm, at Fourth Corner Frames & Gallery, 311 W. Holly Street, in Bellingham. Come on down.