merry & happy

December 25, 2019

Have a very fine Christmas,
whatever, wherever, however you celebrate
and even if you don’t.

. . . . .
J.I. Kleinberg collage


December 12, 2019

For the season, the holidays, the year ahead, more light.
J.I. Kleinberg


November 28, 2019

play day

September 2, 2019

Got time on your hands? What? It’s a holiday? Watch out, because here comes Make Your Own Brainard.

Joe Brainard was a writer and artist.

Partly because he was initially short on money for art supplies, he made collages and assemblages, forms that prize detritus, found (sometimes shared) treasures, snippets of paper, and, in the bringing together of unlike things that are deeply liked, the act of choice. ‘I like to start from nothing and just surprise myself’ (Joe, 57), he said, gathering material from the city streets, friends’ apartments, and the junk shop where he worked and was paid in stock, before making an ‘attempt to let my head be free and see where it would take me’.

Brainard’s friend, poet John Ashbery, called the artist’s work “nutty poetry.”

After Brainard’s death, “snippets” of collage material were found and later digitized and integrated into an online, interactive collage-making site, Make Your Own Brainard. You can select from the artist’s images, add your own, and create collages to save.

It’s really fun. Try it. Play.

. . . . .
MYOB collage by J.I. Kleinberg

hear the whales singing

April 26, 2019

Next Friday, May 3, 2019, Bellingham’s Mount Baker Theatre Encore Room will host a chorus of poetry in tribute to whales as SpeakEasy 24: For Love of Orcas celebrates the publication of a new anthology edited by Andrew Shattuck McBride and Jill McCabe Johnson to address the plight of the southern resident orcas, chinook salmon, and their extended ecosystem.

The evening’s readers/contributors include Luther Allen, James Bertolino, Anita K. Boyle, Nancy Canyon, Susan Chase-Foster, Seren Fargo, Jessica Gigot, Mary Elizabeth Gillilan, Carol Guess, Julie B. Hunter, Jill McCabe Johnson, J.I. Kleinberg, David M. Laws, Rob Lewis, Carole MacRury, Christen Mattix, Andrew Shattuck McBride, JS Nahani, Cynthia Neely, Paul E. Nelson, Sheila Nickerson, Nancy Pagh, Betty Scott, Carla Shafer, and Sheila Sondik,
with additional work by Ronda Piszk Broatch, Sam Hamill, Jim Milstead, and Alina Stefanescu

The event, which starts at 7:00pm, is free and copies of For Love of Orcas, as well as other books by participating poets, will be available for purchase and signing.

found Valentine

February 14, 2019

found Valentine © j.i. kleinberg


December 25, 2018

ornament © j.i. kleinberg
© j.i. kleinberg

new light

December 21, 2018

new light for the solstice © j.i. kleinberg 2018


November 22, 2018

tomorrow in Winthrop!

May 10, 2018

Tomorrow at 5:30pm, you’re invited to join Tod Marshall, Paul Nelson, Judy Kleinberg, and friends for a poetry reading at Trail’s End Bookstore in Winthrop, Washington. Hope to see you there!

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