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October 2, 2020

Bellingham’s favorite independent bookstore, Village Books, has stepped up their schedule of virtual readings. On Sunday, October 11, 2020, at 4:00pm, Alice Derry, Richard Widerkehr, Gayle Kaune, and Jordan Hartt will read from their latest.

On Friday, October 16, at 5:00pm, the amazing Luci Shaw will read from her brand-new book (her 38th!), The Generosity.

On Saturday, October 24, at 2:00pm, Bellingham poets John Green and Christen Mattix will talk about their new book, Whimsy Park: Poems for the Whole Family.

And on Sunday, October 25, at 4:00pm, Alexandra Teague and Elizabeth Vignali will read from their latest collections.

Come what may, on the last Monday of the month at 7:00pm Seán Dwyer emcees the Village Books Virtual Open Mic.

These events are all free, but advance registration is required (and book purchases are deeply appreciated). Mark your calendar and follow the event links above to find more information about authors, books, and registration.


October 19, 2018

Here is an opportunity for short-fiction writers at an almost unheard-of price. It’s a new Kahini program in short fiction designed for those writers who want the absolutely highest level of craft but are on a bit of a budget or unable to afford a traditional MFA program. The bi-weekly Studies in Short Fiction program focuses on the work of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Alice Munro, Gabriel García Márquez, and William Trevor. Facilitated by Jordan Hartt, the year-long online program begins November 8, 2018. Read the complete description and register soon!

writing with aloha

February 20, 2017

Kahini on Kaua’i

If winter (present or future) has you yearning for light, consider the delicious options on offer from Kahini.

There are still spaces available for The 2017 Hawai’i Writers’ Retreat, December 10-16, 2017, at the Aston Waikoloa Colony villas on the Big Island, with instructors Sheila Bender and Brenda Miller. The focus is the short-short, whether memoir, fiction or poem. Participants can also bring along non-participating spouses/partners for a very low additional fee.

If December doesn’t work for you, consider January 28-February 3, 2018, when Jordan Hartt will offer a week of writing at at the Villas at Po’ipu Kai for The 2018 Kaua’i Writers’ Retreat. Open to memoir writers, fiction writers and poets, the retreat again focuses on the short-short form.

There’s more!

The Kahini Café offers you a chance to write and workshop nine new short stories from the comfort of your home. There will be daily prompts, weekly readings and corresponding craft lectures, with MFA-level feedback. The Café meets monthly, April through December 2017.

For more, visit and browse the online contents of Kahini Magazine.

human anatomyKahini has announced that registration is now open for “Writing The Body,” a one-day workshop happening on September 24, 2016, at the Monkeypod House in Olympia, Washington.

“Spend a full Saturday in September getting in touch with the sensory details and stories of our own bodies — and finding the inspiration and craft elements to turn these stories into a short-short story, poem, or short essay of 500 words or fewer.”

Jordan Hartt is the instructor and complete details are available on

P.S. Kahini’s 2017 Kaua’i Writers’ Retreat is sold out, but registration is ongoing for the 2016 Kampala Writers’ Conference, October 9-15, 2016, in Kampala, Uganda, and is now open for the 2017 Desert Writers’ Retreat, May 21-27, 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Lako House

This is a guest post by Jordan Hartt.

. . . . .

I’m excited that poet Erin Belieu will be teaching with Priscilla Long and myself at the just-announced 2016-2017 Kona Manuscript Seminars in Kailua-Kona, Hawai’i.

The program is designed to be analogous to just the thesis part of an MFA program: the goal is that by the end of nine months, each writer will have taken their manuscript as far as it will go.

The full overview of the program is here:

The Kona Manuscript Seminars are being presented by Kahini, a group of inter-connected global programs whose other workshops include the Kāpiti Writers’ Retreat and other year-round gatherings in New Zealand; the Kampala Writers’ Conference and other year-round gatherings in Uganda; and the Kaua’i Writers’ Retreat.

Jordan Hartt Jordan Hartt is a reader, writer, writing teacher, and community & events organizer. Creative work has appeared in many literary magazines and journals: a collection of rainy, watery narrative poems, “Leap,” appeared in 2015. He directly facilitates five annual writing retreats, serving just over two thousand writers per year.

writing the garden

September 30, 2015

Kahini - The Garden and the Wild

Take a day to escape to the garden and return home with inspiration and new writing. Kahini presents a one-day workshop, The Garden and the Wild, on Saturday, November 21, 2015, in Salem, Oregon. Working with poet Colette Tennant and writer and writing instructor Jordan Hartt, participants will explore, in conversation and writing, the concepts of “garden” and “wild” for metaphor, character and setting. Enrollment is limited to 10 people and, as of this writing, only 4 spaces remain. Sign up for workshop by contacting

Cab reading at Village Books April 2013

A guest post by Jordan Hartt

“Conversations across borders” is a new way of thinking about the reading and writing process.

Reading, writing, and conversation help us see the world through the eyes of others and share our viewpoints with others. These conversations help us understand our shared relationship with one another. We develop the ability to make culturally, environmentally, and socially informed decisions toward a sustainable future.

When we read a book — for example, when we read Things Fall Apart or Rabbit, Run or Whose Song? — we aren’t the same people that we were before we read the book. We see the world differently. We see things that we hadn’t seen before. We understand in our own skins what it’s like to be colonized. We understand what it is like to be trapped in white suburbia. We understand what it’s like to be raped, or to be a rapist. And once we have experienced these things directly, we are changed. We have more empathy with other people. We make different decisions.

The organization Conversations Across Borders was established in 2011 as a way of increasing cross-border reading experiences for more people: helping people step across borders that are scary and seeing the world through the point of view of someone else. We offer an annual writing workshop that uses conversation as fuel to generate authentic characters, authentic settings, and create new work impossible to access any other way.

This year, that workshop takes place in Spokane, Washington, from August 25-30. Conversations Across Borders also publishes a monthly literary magazine, hosts readings and brings writers together in informal gatherings.

Our vision is a world of increased mutual understanding and connection across borders of all kinds. Our mission is to bring writers together across borders through workshops, literary publishing, readings, gatherings, and the ongoing practice of financially supporting the next generation of writers.
Jordan Hartt is a writer, writing teacher, and community & events organizer. He believes that reading and writing change lives and that everyone has the equal right to have their voices heard. His favorite novels are Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass, The Satanic Verses, Pedro Páramo, Go Tell it on the Mountain, Jazz and The Shipping News. And The Human Stain. And Beloved. And The Death of Jim Loney. And Paradise. And like two hundred others. Bookworm. Let’s move on.

Photo by Kelvin Saxton: from left, Jeremy Voigt, Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor, Jennifer Bullis and Paul Piper at Cab reading, Village Books, April 27, 2013

NOTE: The May 2013 issue of Cab is now available and features work by Marvin Bell, Christopher Merrill, Nancy Pagh and Bryan Patrick Miller.

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