Good Neighbors*

March 12, 2023

2022 Merit Award
By Linda Conroy

Where the creek trickles to meet the bay,
the tide creeps in, and the muddy sand
and soil mix and flood, a heron views
the scene, balancing on one long leg.
Two red-beaked oystercatchers poking
plankton, wade with common goldeneyes
at water’s edge. A flock of buffleheads
floats slowly past, with coots of course,
and gulls fly overhead. So many seabirds,
every species different from the rest, yet
they’re here together, bustling, busy
colonizing this small stretch of coast,
content together, reveling in quiet lives
finding no necessity to quack or flap.

*Copyright © 2022 by Linda Conroy. Broadside illustrated by Angela Boyle.

Poet’s bio: Linda Conroy is the self-published author of a poetry collection, Ordinary Signs, and plans to complete another volume shortly. After a long career as a social worker, she now enjoys walking, playing various instruments and singing, as well as creating poems and supporting her friends’ writing endeavors. This poem, “Good Neighbors,” was inspired by watching ducks at the lagoon where Padden Creek enters Bellingham Bay, on a day when so much of the world news was about folk being less than friendly.

Poem: Moving On*

August 10, 2014

Linda Conroy - Moving On
Moving On
By Linda Conroy
2014 Walk Award

We have to leave when the cafe closes
but it’s alright — we’ve been there
long enough, through the chocolate
of youth to the green tea of health,

our stories old enough to solidify,
to have melted into history,
our minds, like the old wooden tables,
wiped clean of worry.

*Copyright 2014 by Linda Conroy. Broadside designed and illustrated by Anita K. Boyle, Egress Studio.

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