If you’re looking for an independent press for your next book, there are various ways to go about it. In addition to examining the press’s website, Duotrope subscribers can find interviews with editors of many publications and presses, Entropy has a robust list of small presses with detailed information, and now LitHub is running a series by Corinne Segal, Interview with an Indie Press.

what we lost

December 30, 2016


Our losses in 2016 were profound. LitHub helps us recall Notable Literary Deaths in 2016.

bricks and indies

November 20, 2016

Chin Music Press, Seattle

“Why Indie Presses Are Opening Bookstores” was published in LitHub back in June, but we’re big fans of independent bookstores, so we thought we’d give it a mention. As the title suggests, the article talks about the recent opening of bricks-and-mortar bookstores by independent presses. Not mentioned in the article is Seattle’s Chin Music Press and one of the originals, City Lights Books in San Francisco.

For more on this encouraging topic, see articles on Milkweed Books (Minneapolis) and Pages (the first Arabic-language bookstore in Istanbul). A twist on this approach is POST, a bookstore in Tokyo that offers titles from one publishing house at a time (more here).
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photo: Chin Music Press, Seattle

No Thanks

In her Literary Hub article, “Why You Should Aim for 100 Rejections a Year,” Kim Liao suggests that for those of us submitting work for publication, it might be time to reset our goals: instead of aiming for acceptances, aim for a specific number of rejections. Citing the wisdom of other writers as well as her own experience (Liao’s goal is 100 rejections a year), she says, “Since I’ve started aiming for rejections, not acceptances, I no longer dread submitting.”

If Kim Liao’s article inspires you to increase your submission rate, you might also want to have a look at the LitHub article by Erika Dreifus, “13 Questions to Ask Before Submitting to a Literary Journal.”
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Thanks to Andrew Shattuck McBride for the suggestion!

As if…

April 9, 2016

April books

…As if you had already made your way through all those recommended books from best-of lists that appeared over the holidays, the folks at LitHub suggest that you Celebrate National Poetry Month With 10 New Must-Read Collections. They do sound amazing, and at least you’re at no risk of running out of poetry books to read.

two of many things…

July 13, 2015

Literary Hub

  1. If you love bookstores, check out today’s interview with The Elliott Bay Book Company (Seattle) in Literary Hub.
  2. If you’re curious about how poets seek themselves through selfies, visit Poet Selfies on Literary Hub.

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