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June 17, 2022

COVID-19 was still rather new in August 2020 when David Haosen Xiang and Alisha Moon Yi published “A Look Back and a Path Forward: Poetry’s Healing Power during the Pandemic” in the Journal of Medical Humanities. Be that as it may, the article’s bottom line is still interesting and valuable: “…the accessible nature of poetry makes it an incredibly relevant and applicable tool, especially now, when genuine connections are a scarce commodity.” Have a look!

examining metaphor

June 14, 2018

The National Pubic Radio program In Contrast explores “creativity and the creative process through the eyes of artists, activists, translators, writers, politicians and musicians.”

In the latest podcast (Episode #25), poet/essayist/physician Dr. Rafael Campo (previously mentioned here) talks about his personal journey in medicine and poetry.

calling Doctor Poetry

December 13, 2016

poetry bandaid

Here is yet another addition to the Ideas We Love file: in St. Paul, Minnesota, at the HealthPartners Como Clinic, “a doctor and a health coach meet regularly with two dozen patients to recite and discuss the works of great poets,” according to this article in the StarTribune.

Make sure you are keeping up with your poetry prescription, especially during the holiday season!

poetry and medicine

November 21, 2013

Hippocrates PrizeWhile these posts generally focus on poetry topics that have some thread of connection with the Pacific Northwest, or with the Sue Boynton Poetry Contest, occasionally we veer off in another direction altogether (e.g., sci-po, math-po).

In the spirit of veering off, here’s a med-po post, about the Hippocrates Prize, an international award for poetry about medicine. Rafael Campo, an associate professor of medicine at Harvard, recently won the Prize for his poem “Morbidity and Mortality Rounds.” Campo’s sixth collection of poetry, Alternative Medicine, was published this fall by Duke University Press.

The annual Hippocrates Prize, with first-place awards of £5,000 in each of three categories “is one of the highest value poetry awards in the world for a single poem.” In addition to a category for those associated with the UK National Health Service, there is also an Open category, which anyone in the world may enter, and an International Hippocrates Prize for Young Poets (ages 14-18).

The Hippocrates Prize Facebook group offers this description: “Medicine is to be interpreted in the widest sense. Themes could include health and poetry; impact of health and disease on the poet; the nature of the body, and anatomy; the history, evolution, and future of medical science; the nature and experience of tests; the experience of doctors, nurses and other staff in hospitals and in the community; the experience of patients, families, friends and carers in these situations; the experiences of acute and long-term illness and dying, of birth, of cure and convalescence; the patient journey; the nature and experience of treatment with herbs, chemicals and devices used in medicine; poetry as therapy.”

Submissions for the 2014 Hippocrates prize(s) are now open through January 31, 2014. Details here.

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