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March 25, 2016

Moby Dick Big Read

It’s been several years since we mentioned Moby-Dick Big Read and it definitely seems worth a reminder. Out of a symposium convened in 2011 at Peninsula Arts, Plymouth University, UK, by artist Angela Cockayne and writer Philip Hoare was born an online version of Melville’s epic tome, each of the book’s 135 chapters read aloud by voices celebrated and unknown and broadcast online, public and freely accessible. With readers from Tilda Swinton to Mary Oliver, each chapter is accompanied by a piece of artwork.

Listen at Moby Dick Big Read, read along with your copy of the book, or, as you listen, look at Moby-Dick through the eyes of artist Matt Kish, whose book Moby-Dick in Pictures (Tin House 2011) offers an illustration for every page of the original book.

the whale is in the room…

September 22, 2012

Moby Dick Big ReadYou’ve been wanting to read — or re-read — Moby-Dick; or, The Whale by Herman Melville for a long time.

Now, the actress Tilda Swinton and 134 other readers are lending their voices to the “Moby-Dick Big Read,” an online audio version of Melville’s epic novel. At the rate of a chapter a day (today is chapter 7, read by Keith Collins and accompanied by artwork by Oliver Clegg), you can download and listen to the novel long into the autumn’s lengthening nights.

Start here.

You can also download Moby-Dick in a variety of formats from Project Gutenberg (not part of the Moby-Dick Big Read).