tough choice

September 22, 2016

Kevin Murphy & Michael Schmeltzer

While the poetry workshops offered by Kevin Murphy (left) and Michael Schmeltzer (right) are not exactly at the same time, it would be a stretch to do both… So, if you’re interested, you’re just going to have to make the tough choice.

Both workshops take place on Saturday, October 15, 2016.

From 10:00am to Noon, in Bellingham, Kevin Murphy will teach Writing Poetry: Expressing the Inexpressible. “Poetry is the art of expressing the inexpressible. In poetry, the ordinary becomes miraculous and the miraculous is revealed as ordinary. We’ll explore ways of writing poems that reach beyond the limitations of what we know to include the unconscious, the dream world, the irrational. We’ll experiment with forms and exercises to spark the imagination and open the door to mystery.
Kevin Murphy is ‘poet-in-residence’ for the Chuckanut Radio Hour. His most recent release is The Bird of Pure Midnight, a poetry-with-music CD and chapbook.” NOTE: Kevin’s workshop continues for a second session on Saturday, October 22.

From 2:00 to 4:00pm, in Tacoma, Michael Schmeltzer will teach Studying the Shadow: A Poetry Workshop Exploring Elegy. “Much like Peter Pan’s shadow, grief has a life of its own. In this workshop we’ll not only examine various elegies, but we’ll write our own using techniques borrowed from poets who’ve wrestled with their own loss.”
Michael Schmeltzer is the author of Elegy/Elk River (Floating Bridge, 2015,) winner of the Floating Bridge Press Chapbook Award, and Blood Song (Two Sylvias, 2016) his debut full-length. He earned an MFA from the Rainier Writing Workshop at Pacific Lutheran University.

Two fine poets. Two fine-sounding workshops. Good luck.

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Kevin Murphy photo by Gary Wade


catching up…

May 20, 2014

Floating Bridge

In case you missed last week’s news, Floating Bridge Press has announced the winners of their 2014 Chapbook Competition. From submissions numbering close to 130 manuscripts, “many of exceptional quality,” the judges selected the 2014 winner, John Whalen of Spokane, for his manuscript, “Above the Pear Trees.” The other finalists were Maya Jewell Zeller of Spokane for “The Earth, That Other Sky,” Jennifer Bullis of Bellingham for “Amanda Bubble Is Nearly On Fire,” Dennis Caswell of Woodinville for “O.” and Michael Schmeltzer for “Elegy/Elk River.”

John Whalen’s chapbook will be published this fall and a reading in Seattle will include the winner and finalists. For additional details, visiting Floating Bridge Press online and on Facebook. Visit the Boynton Blog CALENDAR page for upcoming readings from Floating Bridge and many, many others.

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