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November 7, 2016


We posted about ‘poemballs’ back in 2013 and are happy the idea has some sticking power (without damaging your fillings). That one was in Chicago; this one is in Provo, Utah, where Provo Poetry installed the first machine at Enliten Bakery and Café and a second on the top floor of Pioneer Book.

The poems are the work of poets who have lived or spent significant time in Utah County (if you’re one, see the latest call for poems). A quarter buys a poem and the money supports the activities of Provo Poetry. According to an article in the Daily Herald, the machines must be fairly popular: Provo Poetry has already used 2,000 of the plastic capsules.

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Poetry takes to the highway

September 9, 2011

Billboard Poetry Project, installation photo

Highway I-15 slices through the middle of Provo, Utah. It’s not the place you would expect to see poetry. But thanks to BYU grad student Ashley Mae Christensen, that’s exactly what drivers will see there for the month of September.

Christensen is the creative force behind the Billboard Poetry Project, which will divide the words of a poem, “Small Prayer” by Derek Henderson, onto three billboards along the route. Henderson’s poem was selected from more than 100 submissions; his words and the poems of ten finalists can be found on the project website.

The month-long Billboard Poetry Project will include a community reception with a portable art gallery and poetry reading and a selection of free art and poetry workshops.

“The point of this project is to delight and share in the art and poetry that is created by the people immediately around us,” Christiansen explained. Sounds a lot like the Sue Boynton Poetry Contest!

Congratulations to Ashley Mae Christiansen!

Read more about the Billboard Poetry Project in this article in the UVUREVIEW or visit the Billboard Poetry Project website.
billboard photo

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