poetry: ROMP

December 29, 2013

Rural Oklahoma Museum of PoetryWho knew that there is a poetry museum, let alone that it is in rural northeastern Oklahoma, about 50 miles from Tulsa and a few miles west of Locust Grove? The Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry, Shaun Perkins, Curator, is just such an institution, occupying a converted garage/barn and displaying “ways to interact with and personalize poetry. From a vending machine that dispenses handwritten, one-of-a-kind poetry to add-a-line poems on the chalkboard wall, the displays ask you to think creatively and to take your place in the poetry populace.”

In addition to displays, ROMP offers workshops and hosts Poemcrossing, a postcard exchange. Send ROMP a poem on a postcard and it will become part of the exhibit, plus you’ll get one in return.

The Times (Pryor Creek, Oklahoma) reported this week that ROMP received a $5,000 Douglas A. Noverr Grant from the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association for Collection Enhancement for Institutions to Build Popular Culture Research Collections. Perkins hopes to use the funds to renovate an additional building for the museum.

You can visit ROMP online or in person (here’s why) and mail your poem postcards to
The Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry
6619 S. 4382 Road
Locust Grove OK 74352
. . . . .
photo: Ida Red, museum mascot, greets visitors to the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry