Sunday in Sequim

July 23, 2021

The town of Sequim, Washington, doesn’t get a lot of play on these pages (most Washingtonians know how to pronounce it; do you?), but just last week we introduced The Poetry Cafe, which is curated by Sequim poet and resident Risa Denenberg. Now Sequim is back, with a reading from of Empty Bowl’s Madrona Project #2, Keep a Green Bough, this Sunday, July 25, 2021, at 4:00pm, in the amphitheater outside the Dungeness River Audubon Center at Railroad Bridge Park.

You can hear Risa Denenberg, along with poets Tess Gallagher, Meredith Parker, Alice Derry, Carmen Germaine, Kathryn Hunt, Paula MacKay, K’Ehleyr McNulty, Mary Morgan, Kate Reavey and Charlotte Warren. The volume’s editor, Holly J. Hughes, will emcee.

Take a hike, do some picking in the Lavender Capital of North America, take in some poetry, have a meal: enjoy Sequim.

chapbook party

July 15, 2021

illustration of a cup of coffee above the words The Poetry Cafe

We’re always happy to discover and share new poetry stuff happening in Cascadia. Meet The Poetry Cafe. Though there is no About page with details, we gather that The Poetry Cafe is an online “meeting place where poetry chapbooks are celebrated and reviewed.” Worldwide in scope, it is curated by poet Risa Denenberg out of Sequim, Washington.

The Poetry Cafe invites the submission of chapbooks for review (without any guarantees) and in December posted a request for guest chapbook reviewers and feature writers to profile the small presses that publish chapbooks.

Visit The Poetry Cafe and subscribe for updates on the world of chapbooks. The Poetry Cafe is also on Facebook.

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