Spring Walk*

April 11, 2021

2020 Merit Award
By Giorgiana Vignali, Grade 6

The morning sun is out
Walking with friends to school
Birds tucked in trees sing
Flowers sprout from sidewalk cracks
Tomatoes and carrots and peas grow
From the yards of old ladies

dogs tied up
as we pass
a little boy waves as we walk by
his face pressed up against the cold glass

the grass glistens with dew
making our shoes and socks wet
up ahead is the school
kids, some yelling and others half asleep
wait at the doors for the bell to ring
another day awaits

*Copyright 2020 by Giorgiana Vignali. Broadside illustrated by Angela Boyle.


March 20, 2021



September 6, 2015

SHOOTS by Karen Vande Bossche
2015 Merit Award
By Karen Vande Bossche


Sloppy wet flakes fall
on tiny emerald spikes
standing confused
by spring-like
These first bulbs
are early up
in the lasagna pot.
They keep a low profile
as if trimmed daily
by a fussy barber
or mother trying
to get it just right.

So premature,
they need worrying,
babying, coaxing,
so they can forwarn
the others who still
sleep soundly,
unaware the seasons
have started to shift.
Hyacinth are optimistic
but cautious,
leading the way.
. . . . .
*Copyright 2015 by Karen Vande Bossche. Broadside illustrated by Kim Wulfestieg.

April Night*

August 21, 2013

Angela Belcaster - April Night
2013 Walk Award
By Angela Belcaster

I saw a spin of cherry blossoms lifted
from the curb by the wind, a pink
eddy whirled and spun;
a bubblegum cyclone, a startle of petals turning
under the brown street light.

It was a clean spring
and I thought of you,

but gravity and sense held me,
not bearing to step into things such as this
that dream their own weather, as in mountains,
as in love, as in gods, unable to bear the thought
of what chaos might be caused —
of what chaos I have caused —
by my trespass
by the memory, the familiar falling

of petals onto wet ground.

*Copyright 2013 by Angela Belcaster. Placard designed and illustrated by Anita K. Boyle Egress Studio.

Indian Plum*

June 6, 2012

Kari Galbraith ~ Indian Plum

2012 Walk Award
By Kari Galbraith

Indian Plum

You are the talisman of spring,
a soft euphonic solo,
wind’s lithe dancer

Lacey camisoles
of cedar and maple,
under-story stars
randomly sprinkled,

Pendulous prayers
clustered, cloistered.

Winter’s tears lost to spring
in drifting blossoms
and timid dreams

Ivory carved
between the breasts
of seasons, you are

spring rains’ lover,
harbinger of warmth,
a delicate and tenacious


*Copyright 2012 by Kari Galbraith. Placard design by Egress Studio.


April 20, 2012

“Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems.” Rainer Maria Rilke

first day of Spring…

March 20, 2012

Placard design by Egress Studio

Spring Fall*
By Johanna Landis
2006 Merit Award

Naïve, pinkly fresh to a fault,
cherry blossoms fluff themselves.

Blinking wide-eyed petals,
they clump together

like high school girls headed
for the bathroom.

Unbeknownst to them,
their bloom will be quick,

their fall in still-early spring.
The prettiest ones

learn best.

*Copyright 2006 by Johanna Landis. This poem appears in POETRY WALK: Sue C. Boynton Poetry Contest – The First Five Years. Placard design by Egress Studio.

under and above*

May 13, 2011

By Luther Allen
2007 Walk Award

placard design by Egress Studio

     under, in the ground:

                    turgid roots and worming worms
                    swimming and swirling
                    in the slow damp current
                    of the depthless earth

     and above, exposed:

                    the tidal creep of blackberry
                    the surf of thimbleberry blossoms
                    the sharp spray of scotch broom
                    spitting droplets of rufus hummingbird
                                                            far into the sky

*Copyright 2007 by Luther Allen. This poem appears in POETRY WALK: Sue C. Boynton Poetry Contest – The First Five Years. Info: Book! Placard design by Egress Studio.
This poem also appears in The View from Lummi Island with the title “May 13.”

To a Slug in Winter

April 29, 2011

YouTube logoIt may be spring, but there’s still time to appreciate Paul S. Piper‘s 2010 Walk Award-winning poem, To a Slug in Winter, which he reads here on YouTube, thanks to BTV10. You can also read Paul’s poem here.

see poet, hear poetry…

March 11, 2011

You Tube logoHere’s a You Tube link to Carolyn McCarthy reading her 2010 Walk Award-winning poem, Wild Orchid, which can also be read here. Special thanks to BTV10.

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