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July 16, 2022

We hope that your summer calendar has lots of space for reading and that your summer reading list has plenty of space for poetry. Here are some current recommendations:

Summer is also a good time for catching up with the book suggestions you may have missed. Here are links to some past what to read now posts.

summer reading

July 7, 2021

Here are some additions to your summer reading list:

Stay hydrated and don’t forget the sunscreen!

stay cool

June 26, 2021

white ostrich feather fan on black background

In the Mountains on a Summer Day

Li Po (701-762)

Gently I stir a white feather fan,
With open shirt sitting in a green wood.
I take off my cap and hang it on a jutting stone;
A wind from the pine-trees trickles on my bare head.

. . . . .

summer reading

August 17, 2019

It was already the middle of the month when we happened across 31 Poets Recommend 31 Poetry Books to Read Every Day in August, but we like the idea and we like the list, and who says you have to start on the first of the month anyway?

workshop your summer

June 11, 2019

Should you decide to get out of your hammock this summer, you might consider taking a poetry workshop or two. Registration for Hugo House summer classes and workshops is now open and early-bird pricing will be in effect through June 17, 2019.

And if you happen to be in or near Tacoma, have a look at the free workshops being offered by Tacoma’s new poet laureate, Abby Murray. One series will be held Wednesday evenings at the Eastside Community Center, and another series on Thursday evenings at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

get inspired!

June 13, 2017

It’s time again for the Two Sylvias Press Online Poetry Retreat: four weeks of new prompts, writing exercises, inspiration and critiques offered by the editors of Two Sylvias Press (Kelli Russell Agodon and Annette Spaulding-Convy).

There are two sessions: June 26 – July 23 (July session) and July 31 – August 27 (August session). Find all the details and registration information on the Two Sylvias Press Online Poetry Retreat page.

The Beginning*

July 27, 2014

Amanda Chandler - The Beginning

The Beginning
By Amanda Chandler, 10th grade
2014 Walk Award

Honeysuckles, ladybugs.
Bare feet kiss the luscious green grass.
Toes wiggle into the dark depths of the dirt.
The summer wind breathes
“come,” as it latches onto my soul
carrying me on its adventure.

I am one with the swallowtail butterfly
coated in golden hues.
I am one with the ancient catfish
who bubbles the language of life.

I am the happy outcast disregarding womanly manners.
No petty talk of Sunday school girls,
no Easter hats, no lacy gloves.
No patent leather Mary Janes.
Gone is the entitled façade
gone are the braids wound upon my head like a crown.
Out come freckles splattered on my face
by the master painter with his paint brush.

As I climb the tallest tree
I soar, glide, rise
on the updraft of the gale
I fly.

*Copyright 2014 by Amanda Chandler. Broadside designed by Anita K. Boyle, Egress Studio. Illustration by Angela Boyle, Flying Dodo Publications.

summer reading

June 20, 2014

browsing poetry

If you’re planning your summer reading list, or if you’re just eager to catch up on the “important” reading you’ve missed, here are a few places to start when you have a little time to browse.

From The Telegraph (UK), “15 best poetry books of all time

From Flavorwire, “50 Essential Books of Poetry That Everyone Should Read

Take this one to the beach: The Poetry Archive — an entirely free audio trove of major poets reading their own work and new recordings by contemporary poets of classics from the past.

summer camp!

June 28, 2013

Camp NaNoWriMoAs the Northern Hemisphere days grow (alas) shorter and hotter, it’s once again time for summer camp — and that means Camp NaNoWriMo. You’re no doubt familiar with National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo, every November) and National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo, every April). Well, Camp NaNoWriMo offers the same encouragement and support to help you produce a volume of writing in a very condensed chunk of time.

But, you say, you don’t really want to write a novel. You have something else in mind. Funny you should mention that. Shelby Gibbs addresses that very concern in The Camp Guide to Rebelling.

However you decide to use your month at Camp, you can get all the details and sign up on the Camp NaNoWriMo website. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

garden party Governor's Island
If you’re headed east in June, July or August, the good folks at Harriet, the blog of the Poetry Foundation, have posted a short Guide to East Coast Summer Poetry Festivals so you won’t miss your daily quotient of poetry. Have a look and enjoy your summer!
Garden party Governors Island

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