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July 25, 2022

In case you are struggling to find the right audience for your work, or to address your work to the right audience, consider Richard A Carter, whose book Signals was published this year by Guillemot Press.

Signals is Richard Carter’s speculative attempt at generating poetry using the mathematical language of Lincos, a system designed by Hans Freudenthal in 1960 as a method of communicating with extra-terrestrials. Accompanying each visual poem is a visual rendering of data from the Kepler telescope as it searched for habitable planets and alien life.

Carter’s work also appeared in Volume 4 of the Electronic Literature Collection, which we mentioned just a month ago, to say nothing of scores of academic and non-academic journals, books, and programs.

Find out more in “How to Write Poetry to Communicate With Aliens” or follow Richard A Carter on Twitter @RichardACarter2 or on Instagram at richardacarter2.

If you’re interested in the intersection of art and technology and how it might look in the future, tune in to Does Technology Need The Arts To Build A Better Future? This happy hour conversation will include Juan José Diaz Infante, who launched the poetry-bearing Ulises I Mexican nanosatellite, and Tavares Strachan, a multidisciplinary contemporary artist who has trained in the Russian cosmonaut program. They’ll be discussing the desirability of connecting (quite literally!) the arts and sciences. If you happen to be in Washington, DC, today (Thursday, October 26, 2017), RSVP and attend the event at New America. If not, the event will stream, 6:00pm – 8:00pm Eastern, on this New America page.

poem tech

February 11, 2016

Secretary Bird

Now and then, we talk about apps related to poetry and here’s one that recently came to our attention. Secretary Bird is a free “poets workbench support application” designed specifically to help poets organize their poetry writing, revisions, submissions, readings, critiques, etc.

The developer, John Richardson, is a British poet and web designer; non-British English speakers may find some slight (but not critical) differences in terminology. While we can’t vouch for the software, Richardson has created a handsome website (with the sole exception of the video, which is a bit tedious), so if you are comfortable in the world of new technology and you’re looking for a new way to wrangle your poems, you might try Secretary Bird. Feedback welcome.

poetry for geeks…

March 4, 2013

ForbesYou might not expect to find an article about poetry on But on Valentine’s Day, technology journalist Elise Ackerman posted an intriguing article on her recent tech adventure to support Nuyorican poet Jesus “Papoleto” Melendez. Read the New York Times article that inspired her, then read Ackerman’s post on More posts on tagged poetry.

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