Happy National Poetry Day

October 3, 2019

The Forward Arts Foundation promotes public knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of poetry in the UK and Ireland. National Poetry Day is a Forward Arts Foundation initiative, this year focused on the theme Truth. Read some poems here.

on poetry

October 24, 2018

“Truth, acceptance of the truth, is a shattering experience. It shatters the binding shroud of culture trance. It rips apart smugness, arrogance, superiority, and self-importance. It requires acknowledgment of responsibility for the nature and quality of each of our own lives, our own inner lives as well as the life of the world. Truth, inwardly accepted, humbling truth, makes one vulnerable. You can’t be right, self-righteous, and truthful at the same time.”
Paula Gunn Allen
(October 24, 1939 – May 29, 2008)

. . . . .

on poetry

July 5, 2017

“The poet is a liar who always speaks the truth.”
Jean Cocteau
(July 5, 1889 –
October 11, 1963)

. . . . .
Raymond Voinquel, “Jean Cocteau drawing” (1942), photograph

on truth

November 28, 2015

William Blake by Thomas Phillips“A Truth thats told with bad intent / Beats all the Lies you can invent.”
William Blake
(November 28, 1757 – August 12, 1827)
. . . . .
portrait by Thomas Phillips, National Portrait Gallery
quote from “Auguries of Innocence

on poetry

January 3, 2015

Anne Stevenson by Anne Lennox“Can mere words be trustworthy conveyors of the truth?”
Anne Stevenson
(b. January 3, 1933)
. . . . .
photo by Anne Lennox

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