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April 2, 2017

The University of Arizona is offering Poetry Yoga for National Poetry Month. Poetry Center docent Jeanne Osgood will lead the three sessions “of Hatha Yoga while listening to poetry using mantra. Designed to help cherish the spirit of poetry and assist in making the mind/body/spirit connection through the practice of yoga.”

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Tucson, Arizona

These posts sometimes have a mind of their own. Here’s how this one happened…

Recently, we posted about the University of Arizona Poetry Center, in Tucson. The Poetry Center’s Facebook page posted a notice that the electronic reader boards at Tucson streetcar stops are now displaying new poems by Richard Siken. (Pictured above, words by Richard Siken and sculpture by Ben Olmstead and Simon Donovan depicting a poet blowing words onto a digital page. The sculpture is based on a lifecast of Richard Siken).

Looking for further details reveals that the new Tucson Sun Link streetcar has an ambitious public art program that enhances all 23 of its stations, but the reader boards are new enough that there’s no mention of them.

So, on to Richard Siken’s website, which also doesn’t mention the reader boards, but provides a link to YouTube, where you’ll find a film of his wonderful poem, Why. The lines of the poem appear on screen, accompanied by Siken’s photos and a musical track. If you’re in doubt about why you should write a poem today, take eleven-and-a-half minutes and watch Why.

screen capture

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Images: top; bottom (screen capture)

Reasons to go to…Tucson

September 24, 2014

Tucson, ArizonaAs you’re planning your getaway from the short, dark days of winter, consider Tucson, Arizona, where you’ll find the University of Arizona Poetry Center. Founded in 1960, the Center has nearly 70,000 items related to poetry in its collection.

“An internationally renowned poetry library, the Poetry Center sponsors numerous University and community programs, including readings and lectures, classes and workshops, discussion groups, symposia, writing residencies, poets-in-the-schools, poets-in-the-prisons, contests, exhibitions, and online resources, including standards-based poetry curricula. An area of special emphasis within the College of Humanities, the Poetry Center is open and fully accessible to the public.”

If you’re fortunate enough to get there by December 10, 2014, be sure to take in “Lie Quietly: New Works of Karen Green.” An artist, poet and the author of Bough Down, Karen Green melds language and image into haunting and provocative artworks.

Explore the University of Arizona Poetry Center website and Facebook page, then go!
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photo by Henry Tom

poetry ride…

July 27, 2013

Tucson Modern Streetcar Maintenance and Storage Facility

Sometimes poetry is an afterthought (or not a thought at all), but the Sun Link Tucson Streetcar Project, currently under construction and this week celebrating the final weld in its rail line, is thinking ahead. With the support of the University of Arizona Poetry Center, the completed transit system will include “custom LCD poetry ‘reader boards’ at nine of the 17 streetcar stops,” according to the Arizona Daily Wildcat. Good work, Tucson.

Follow the progress on the Tucson Modern Streetcar Facebook page.
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Photo: The first piece of public art, by Simon Donovan and Ben Olmstead, installed at the Sun Link Tucson Streetcar Maintenance and Storage Facility.

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