Whatever you may think of Calvin Klein, Jake Gyllenhaal, or fragrance advertising, it’s a rare convergence when what they have in common is the E.E. Cummings poem [i carry your heart with me(i carry it in]. Read the story and watch the video: Vanity Fair.


film poetry

September 4, 2017

In our ongoing effort to highlight the intersection of poetry and film, we note that Terrain.org is featuring three short films that blend poetry by Abeer Hoque, video by Josh Steinbauer, and music by Tom Asselin. The films accompany the release of Hoque’s new book, Olive Witch, a memoir about growing up across cultures in Nigeria, the States, and Bangladesh.

Please also note that the submission deadline for Terrain’s 8th Annual Contest in Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry has been extended. TODAY, Monday, September 4, 2017, is the new deadline for contest entries. General, non-contest, submissions reopen tomorrow and continue through May 30, 2018.

gamer poetry

June 20, 2017

In the ongoing eclectic meandering that is The Poetry Department, we’ve stumbled across a new corner of the poetry world: gaming. If you’re a video gamer, you may already know about it. If not, meet Cartridge Lit, “an online literature mag dedicated to showcasing the best lit — fiction, nonfiction, poetry — inspired by video games.” Poems, online chapbooks, and more. Cartridge Lit online and on Facebook.

Visible Poetry

April 20, 2017

Here at The Poetry Department we try to keep tabs on the intersection of poetry and other media. The Visible Poetry Project sits right at that intersection, pairing filmmakers and poets “to create visual interpretations of original and classic poems.” For National Poetry Month, VPP is posting a new visual poem each day at 9 AM EST. There will also be a screening on Saturday evening, April 22, 2017, at The City Reliquary in Brooklyn, New York.

Find out more about the project and watch the videos at the Visible Poetry Project website.

watch and listen

March 15, 2017

Poet and photographer Rachel Eliza Griffiths has partnered with The Academy of American Poets to release online a series of videos called P.O.P. (“Poets on Poetry”). Each video features a contemporary American poet reading two poems — one of their own and one by another poet — and talking about the poems they’ve selected. The “poet then answers a question s/he has selected from a pool of anonymous questions generated from other participants,” creating a sort of ongoing conversation.

In a related essay, Griffiths describes the project as a kind of three-dimensional portraiture, “a sequence of visual poems, nuanced and calibrated as Russian dolls.”

Visit the P.O.P. page and listen in.

Emily anew

November 7, 2015

Emily reworked

This is not the Emily Dickinson you’re used to. Yes, the words are there on screen, but they are spoken in Korean and animated in juicy color over a background of music and sautée. Watch, listen and read all about it thanks to The Atlantic Monthly.

watching poetry…

May 21, 2013

The Poetry Station

The Poetry Station was a UK pilot project to put poets on video online. Unfortunately, the collection is no longer growing, but happily, the recordings that were posted during the project’s year-long tenure are still available for viewing. Go watch some poetry at The Poetry Station, or drop in to The Poetry Station on Facebook to see the latest goings-on, including news about the Poetry Station app.

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