There’s a new poetry press in town with an intriguing mission. Pulley Press, a brand-new imprint of Clyde Hill Publishing, is “devoted to discovering and promoting voices from rural America.”

Under the direction of founding editor, Frances McCue, the Seattle-based poet, author, professor and literary activist who co-founded Hugo House, Pulley Press will open artistic dialogue between the coasts and the rural places within America.

Pulley Press kicks off with several original new collections:

  • A Man with a Rake, a chapbook by Ted Kooser
  • Mankiller Poems by the late Cherokee Chief Wilma Mankiller
  • We Had Our Reasons by Ricardo Ruiz

Pulley Press engages with the gritty, tough world of overlooked America and aspires to run, as if on a clothesline, beautiful poetry into all corners of our country.

Congratulations to Frances McCue and Pulley Press!

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