We Walk Together*

October 8, 2010

by Sue C. Boynton

And so one day
We fell in step.
It mattered not that each of us
Had traveled quite a way,
Or that the hour was rather late.
It just seemed very good
To walk together.

I think it seemed to each of us
A sweet surprise,
An unexpected joy,
To know such deep and quiet peace
With one another.

Seemed strange that out of those
Who through the years
Had crossed our paths,
In this, life’s richest afternoon,
We who had almost strangers been,
Were brought together.

Draw closer, friend,
And place your hand in mine.
And let me see about your eyes
That merry, crinkly smile
Which I have grown to prize.


It may grow late, it may grow very late.
I shall not see the shadows
Only stars,
If we keep step

*This poem is included in Heart on My Sleeve, a collection of poems by Sue C. Boynton, published by the Whatcom County Historical Society, 1980.

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