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December 3, 2022

It’s time to sign up to participate in 2023 Peace Poetry Postcards.

WORLD PEACE POETRY POSTCARD MONTH is February 1-28, 2023. Signups are now open and the signup deadline is Saturday, January 21, 2023.

Participants write an original peace poem on a postcard each day of February and mail the postcard to the next poet on their list.

To participate: Send an e-mail to with your name, street/PO Box address, city, ZIP or postal code, and country.

Your name will be added to the next available list and you will receive an email with the list of 29 names (one for each day of February, plus you) before the end of January. While you’re waiting, stock up on postcards and stamps.

When the list arrives: Find your name and make sure your address is correct. Send your first peace poem postcard to the person whose name is immediately after yours, then continue down the list to the bottom and back to the top, one poem/postcard per day, until you are back at your name.

Note that international deliveries may take longer, so it’s good to get an earlier start on those cards.

Special thanks to Bellingham poets Carla Shafer and C.J. Prince, who have organized the Peace Postcard project for many years.

Mark your calendar: a World Peace Poets read-in will be held on Zoom, April 30, 2023, 4:00pm Pacific. You are invited to read a few favorite peace poems you wrote during the month.

Sign up now to participate in February’s Peace Postcard project and look for updates on the World Peace Poets Facebook page.

on poetry

December 2, 2022

[on ballads] “…it was the simple singing words again and not the over intellectual poetry which is so difficult for so many people including me to really understand at all.”
Helen Adam
(December 2, 1909 – September 19, 1993)

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more on Helen Adam, and yet more

spoken word

December 1, 2022

If you follow the GRAMMY Awards® you probably know that the new Best Spoken Word Poetry Album category is attracting attention. If you’re curious how spoken word poetry emerged as a separate category, you can read the full story here: Behind The GRAMMY: Why The New Best Spoken Word Poetry Album GRAMMY Category Is A Global Victory For Lovers Of Language.

The 2023 GRAMMY Awards ceremony will be broadcast on Sunday, February 5, 2023, and you can get a jump on the contestants by looking at the complete list of 2023 GRAMMY nominees. Best Spoken Word Poetry Album (For albums containing greater than 50% playing time of new spoken word poetry recordings) is category 61, so scroll down to see the five nominees.

Redmond celebrates

November 30, 2022

In Redmond, Washington, the holiday season literally comes to light with the month-long celebration of art and light known as Redmond Lights. Redmond’s Downtown Park is illuminated every night from 5:00pm to 11:00pm, December 1, 2022, through January 4, 2023, accompanied by a variety of gatherings, parades, festivities, and contests.

Art/light installations by sixteen artists are featured in the downtown display, including “Holiday Haiku” by Michael Dylan Welch, shown above in pre-event test mode. The five-minute video of Welch’s haiku will be projected on the Buoyant Pavilion stage throughout each evening’s celebration. See the light, starting tomorrow.

a few more local connections

November 29, 2022

Last week we posted an admittedly incomplete list of books published in 2022 by poets with Cascadia connections. There’s no consolidated site for such information, so any list is bound to be an artifact of memory and happy accident. Herewith, a few more titles that have shown up for your gift shopping possibilities:

If you have titles to add, please leave a comment!

poetry music

November 25, 2022

The first Poet Laureate of Washington State, as voted by the Washington State Federation of Women’s Clubs in 1931, Ella Rhoads Higginson was a prolific poet, novelist, and short story writer. She settled in Bellingham, Washington, in her 20s and remained there for the rest of her life, writing and actively promoting education, women’s rights, and the arts.

On Friday, December 2, and Saturday, December 3, 2022, Vox Pacifica and Choir of the Salish Sea will perform music set to Ella Higginson’s sonnet, “The Opal Sea” (among other works). Choral conductor and composer Duncan Tuomi composed the music for “The Opal Sea” as his “musical love letter to this gorgeous region.”

The performances will be at the First Congregational Church in Bellingham. You can find ticket information here and more on Ella Higginson here.

job opps

November 23, 2022

Hugo House, in Seattle, is one of the most influential literary centers in the region. If you have the interest and qualifications, you could be part of the Hugo House story as it continues through ongoing changes. Hugo House is currently doing job searches for Executive Director, Development Director, Finance Director, and Operations Supervisor, as well as instructors in all genres. Have a look at the Hugo House Jobs & Internships postings.

shopping season

November 22, 2022

If the season includes gift-giving, here’s a suggestion: support your local poet. While this list is definitely not comprehensive, it includes some of the poets who have a Cascadia connection and whose books were published in 2022.

Check with your local independent bookseller, a distributor (such as SPD), or the publisher.

We’re sorry to leave out all those 2020 and 2021 orphans, but if we missed your 2022 book, please leave the poet’s name, the book title, and the publisher (and/or a link) in a comment.

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books, books, books!

November 19, 2022

Pretty soon we will start seeing the annual best-of lists, but for the moment we still have plenty of book recommendations jumping off the shelf. Here’s another batch:


November 16, 2022

We’re halfway through November (how’d THAT happen!?), which means NaNoWriMo writers should be well on their way. Are you (officially or unofficially) one of them? We’d love to hear how you’re using NaNoWriMo to boost your writing practice, whether you’re focused on a novel, poetry, memoir, or other literary form. Leave a comment!*

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