Writing the Land: Todd Creek

May 6, 2022

Very pleased to share this update from poet/artist Nancy Canyon:

I am thrilled to announce that as of May 1, 2022, I’ve accepted the position of Whatcom Land Trust poet selected by Writing the Land: A Collaboration between Poets and Protected Lands.”

A project of NatureCulture,Writing the Land partners with land trusts across the U.S. Poets visit their adopted properties and then create poems inspired by the land, with an anthology published at year’s end. Through the anthologies, poets help raise awareness of the importance of land conservation.

My adopted land is the Land Trust parcel, Todd Creek, on the Nooksack River. My husband, Ron Pattern, is a steward for this parcel, so I have visited the property numerous times, writing poetry while he planted trees or removed invasive species. I’ve enjoyed the river and rocky beach, the large maples, eagles gliding over, and fish jumping.

Being a poet for the land is a perfect fit for me. It brings me joy to observe nature, detail place in my poems, absorb the aerosols from the woods and negative ions from the water, watch the sky and wildlife, and perhaps eat a picnic next to the river.

In my year of writing poetry at Todd Creek, I will pen three poems for the program and record myself reading a poem for the Writing the Land website. Whatcom Land Trust also has suggested I give a poetry workshop and perhaps read my poems at a pub night fund raiser for Whatcom Land Trust’s upcoming land purchases. Stay tuned for news about these events.

2 Responses to “Writing the Land: Todd Creek”

  1. lynngeri Says:

    Congratulations Nancy. What a wonderful opportunity to make a significant contribution to the Earth. I look forward to reading the poems your write.

  2. Sandra F. Lucke Says:

    Congratulations Nancy, look forward to news of your upcoming events related to Todd Creek poems. My first husband used to fish the Nooksack during steelhead season in the 1970’s. The river still runs deep.

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